By Darla Vasilas

Over the years, I have amused myself by creating fun computer artwork (Photoshop and Powerpoint) using various animal ‘models’.  This book is a collection of a lot of those works.   And yes, I do admit, I have a weird sense of humor and I really like puns; so, you will see a lot of that in these pages.  I cover everything from science fiction, to television shows and movies, to patriotic subjects.  I even tried a little ‘crossbreeding’. Please note: At no time did I ever stress my animals by ‘dressing them up’. All ‘costumes’ were computer generated onto a photo of the animal.

For example, you will find: “Miami Mice”, The “Muscateers”, “Robin and His Merry Birds”, “Kitty Crockett”, a “Cobrigeon” and over 100 more. Here is a sample of the photos you will find.

Captain Meow

Kitty Crockett

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together.