I was raised in a small West Virginia town.  After working part-time for a couple of years, then a couple of years in college, I joined the military, serving as a US Navy Corpsman in the Washington, DC area.    Afterwards, I stayed in the DC area, got married, and worked as an administrative assistant for a Government contractor, then in the construction industry.  Now, at 73 years old, I am retired and enjoy doing things for which I have a passion…writing, computer artwork and ghost hunting.  I may not be able to get around as fast as my younger ghost hunting teammates; but, I love what I do, and that’s what counts.


Born and raised in Alexandria, VA, I graduated from Fort Hunt High School in 1977.  Until a few years ago, I worked in my family’s store, where we sell lamps, lampshades, and repair lamps. Took up writing strictly as a hobby, something to do when I was at home.  Also, as a hobby, I do ghost hunting with the PROBE team.  I am 64 years old and happily married for 42 years.  One might say that my marriage is Love So True.